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Progress Bar: Volume 3 Chapter 16 finished! Just the afterword left!

Volume Three Afterword: 100% (Last Updated 12/26/15)

Volume 3 PDF And Epub

Guten Abend you beautiful people. DevilHands here for another one of these new-fangled volume releases. Yes I know this is coming out on an odd day at an even odde time.

But it is for a good reason. Sometimes I like being a rebel. *shrug*

Anyway here’s the volume. Enjoy and stay frosty.


                   – DH

Volume 3 fully finished!

With the posting of the afterword, volume 3 is now fully finished! I hope everyone enjoys – this series is honestly one of the quirkiest funnest things I’ve read, and I hope everyone else is also getting a kick out of it.

I’ll be taking a short break before launching Volume 4, and when I do I’ll update the timer on the sidebar.

Volume 3 Chapter 16 complete!

With that, I’m ecstatic to say that the main content of Volume 3 is now completely posted. Just the afterword left! I’ve actually always found Akira’s afterwords rather entertaining/illuminating, so look forward to it!

Final chapter of Volume 3 starts!

Five days until we finish volume 3! ARE YOU PUMPED?!

Volume 3 Chapter 15 done!

Yay! One chapter left! Can you feel the excitement in the air?!

Chapter 15 started!


Chapter 14 done!

2 to go!